Covid Testing Nasal RT-PCR Kit

Covid Testing Nasal RT-PCR Kit

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Covid Testing RT-PCR Kit

Covid Testing LLC is pleased to offer a home based self-administered RT-PCR kit for international travel.


Please choose your appropriate kit status:

1. Require a kit - This is for those who do not have a kit in their possession and will need a kit shipped.

2. Already have a kit - This is for those who already have a kit in their possession. 


Both options will have shipping information entered. If you already have a kit, we will collect your information, and no kit will be shipped.  


Kit includes:

  • RT-PCR Nasal home test kit
  • Sample bag (to place completed test in)
  • Pre paid return box
  • Instructions
  • Lab request order form



All orders will be shipped to the address on the order. For orders that have separate shipping addresses, please place orders as separate, 


Instructions for sending sample:

Simply open your Kit, and follow the test instructions, and send us the sample. It's that simple.

Once we receive the sample, we will process it the same day and your results will be emailed on the required travel document. If you have questions regarding the KIT, the instructions, your order status or your test results, please contact Joe Lyng at or call (407) 719-9015